What is the Unpardonable Sin?

3 A man visiting Scotland for the first time went to a place on the coast featuring a beautiful bay beach. Up along the beach, soft, san- dy hills rose up sharply into a steep, rocky cliff that dropped down right along the narrow shore. The man was enjoying his time, meditating and studying the shells. He noticed the tide had gone out, exposing a lot of new beautiful rocks and shells. So he continued to walk—the ocean on one side, the beach beneath him, and the sheer rock cliff wall that stretched for miles on the other side. As he traveled up the shore, he came to a rusted steel post in the ground hoisting a metal sign that had words painted in bold, clear letters: “Warning! Danger: If you go beyond this point, you will not be able to escape the incoming tide.” The man looked behind him and thought, “ Well, I might not be a marathon runner, but I can surely get back to the safe zone before the tide overtakes me. I’d like to go a little farther. These are some of the best shells and tidal pools I’ve ever seen.” Besides, the tide was a good way off. He walked on, well past the sign—preoccupied with the starfish, seashells, and curious little crabs