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Building Up God ’s Kingdom Around the Globe!

                                     Your faithful prayers and loving gifts have built
                                     up God’s kingdom around the world and have
                                     led millions to hear life-transforming Bible
                                     truth and the full three angels’ messages. Thank
                                     you for co-laboring with Amazing Facts by
    “I want to support               introducing God’s last-day message to the four

    spreading the gospel             corners of the globe in 2017!
    around the world. Soon

    Christ will return and                  The Amazing Facts Bible Study                    UNITED STATES
                                                                                             Through 1 full AFCOE
    what value will any                  Guides have helped to build my faith                training session, TV,
                                                                                             radio, Internet, the
                                         tremendously. I first learned of your
    money have at that                   ministry at a seminar and wanted you                Prophecy Encounter
                                                                                             series in Florida, the
                                          to know I was just baptized. These
    point? God wants us to                 lessons answered so many of my                    Prophecy Foundations
                                                                                             series in Michigan, and
    invest in heaven.”                   questions. They are clear, build upon               multiple AFCOE to Go
                                           one another, and don’t use verbal
    —Steven, Texas                         gymnastics to support doctrines.
                                                 —Paul, Oklahoma

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