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Worldwide Evangelism

                                                                            Your Amazing Facts evangelist has left a
                                                                        huge and beautiful dent in our church. His legacy is
                                                                       evident—and his enthusiasm, teaching, and inspiration
    Did you know?                                                        are visible. He has led many to baptism during his
                                                                          short visit. May God continue to lead all your
                                                                          speakers in taking this message to every nation,
                                                                                 kindred, tongue, and people.
    In early November, Pastor Doug                                                 —Lloyd, United Kingdom
    presented Foundations of Faith,
    a ten-part revival, reformation,
                                                                             I was searching for answers to my Bible
    and evangelistic series in Silver                                  questions when I received a card in the mail for one of
    Spring, Maryland. Nearly 1,000                                      your seminars. I threw it away thinking it was from
                                                                         a cult. The following day, the same card was in my
    locals came, an average of 15,000                                  mailbox—so I once again threw it away. The following
    watched on YouTube each night,                                     day, it was in my mailbox. So I prayed about it and then
                                                                         attended every meeting except one. I’m so happy I
    and another 55,000 on Facebook.                                     went because my soul has been set free from the lies
    Since then, hundreds have been                                              I’ve heard from other churches.
    blessed by purchasing and                                                            —Lacy
    viewing the series.
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