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Internet                           “I watch Amazing Facts frequently on the Internet and
                                            take notes. I’m a former Sabbath-keeper, but now I’m
                                                   searching out the truth for myself.”
                             Web Ministry
                                                           —Linda, Florida

               I have been struggling with the subject of hell
            for some time. I felt that I could not love and serve a
           God who cared less for my daughter than I do. Someone
           pointed me to and asked me to watch the                                Did you know?
             online video. My mind is at ease for the first time
             in years. I now know that God loves us more than
                         even I can imagine.                                                    In 2017, we completely updated
                         —Jamie, Michigan
        Here is how you built up God’s kingdom in 2017:                               , and

        10,637,297   people visited Amazing Facts’ 42 Bible truth                     
                   websites—that’s 886,441 visitors each month!
                                                                                                Two brand-new websites
             222,463  individuals downloaded the Amazing Facts mobile app
                                                                                                were created for our
             614,000  fans followed Amazing Facts on Facebook
                                                                                                major evangelistic events:
                  2,156   terabytes of audio, video, and live broadcasts were
                   streamed to homes—a 67 percent increase over 2016!                  and
          2,795,881   views of Amazing Facts’ Bible truth YouTube videos              
                  2,885  email inquiries answered every month
                                                                                                                 Internet | 5
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