Page 7 - 2017 Annual Report
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This is how you built up God’s kingdom in 2017:

        Local Evangelism
        34 cities reached by Amazing Facts evangelists through Bible prophecy seminars
        210 seminar attendees joined the church by baptism and profession of faith
        8,000 people reached in Houston, Texas
        1,500 university students, teachers, and locals revived in Collegedale, Tennessee
        900 locals enlightened in Sanford, Florida, during Prophecy Encounter

        Papua New Guinea | Australia
        170,000 came out in the rain to listen to Pastor Doug preach in Papua New Guinea
        5,000 precious souls were baptized as a result of the meetings in PNG

        19 new Amazing Facts Chinese-language videos released on our Chinese website
        452,245 times seekers visited our Chinese website
        3,033 students joined our Chinese-language Bible school—a 204-percent increase!
        31,140 new Chinese WEChat (social media) friends—a 57-percent increase!
        12,531 Bible questions submitted to our team of volunteers
                                                                                                      Worldwide Evangelism | 7
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