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Publishing                                                              Did you know?

                                                                                                In 2017, Amazing Facts released
                                                                                                dozens of new resources to

                                                                                                share truth with new seekers
                                                       I would like to thank you for such
                                                      awesome books. They have given me         and to equip the church with
                                                      a better understanding of the Bible       soul-winning resources and
                                                      and God’s plan for us. My eyes have
                                                      been opened to Satan’s tricks and his     training, including:
                                                     slick efforts to keep us from the truth.
                                                           —Marianna, Arkansas
                                                                                                Amazing Disciples DVD and Book Set
                                                                                                Foundations of Faith Study Guides
                                                 This is how you built up God’s kingdom in 2017:  Islam, Christianity, and Prophecy
              I work at a veterans hospital and                                                    DVD Set
             have been placing Hero of Hacksaw   539,998 pieces of free literature were sent    Prophecy Encounter DVD and Study
              Ridge books in the waiting rooms.   155,135  people received truth-filled materials      Guide Set
            The response has been overwhelming.                                                 The Afterlife Mystery Sharing
            About one thousand copies have been     81,141   free offers claimed from people
                taken by veterans and their             watching our broadcasts                    Magazine
             families. I feel that I’m spreading the    46,000   copies of the Afterlife Mystery    The Day of the Lord Sharing Magazine
                    seeds of the gospel.                were distributed                            in Spanish
                   —LaDon, Tennessee                    108   countries were shipped            The Shepherd King DVD Series
                                                        Amazing Facts resources                                Publishing | 9
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