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In My Father’s house are many mansions. … I go to prepare a place for you.

                                      And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again. —John 14:2, 3 NKJV

                                          s your home too small?    in God’s kingdom. No one will be   progress your gifts have made in
                                          The average size of a home    homeless in the New Jerusalem.  building up the kingdom. Because
                                          purchased in the United   Through your gifts, Amazing   you gave, thousands have now
                                       IStates last year was about   Facts is building up God’s king-  found an eternal home in heaven.
                                     2,600 square feet, yet the typical   dom and leading the spiritually   Eighty percent of non-home-
                                     home site in developing countries   homeless of our world to mansions  owners in the United States say
                                     is only 75 square feet.    on high. You are helping thousands  that owning a home is part of their
                                       Despite the growing size of   find a secure place in the kingdom   American Dream. But nothing
                                     American homes, there are still   of heaven.          compares with the mansions being
                                     more than 564,000 homeless in   When you partner with    prepared in heaven for the faithful.
                                     the country. The United Nations   Amazing Facts, you are building    Jesus is coming soon. Let’s bring
                                     estimates that 100 million people   up God’s church through preach-  as many friends as we can to the
                                     are homeless worldwide—and as   ing, teaching, and evangelizing.   mansions being prepared for us.
                                     many as 1.6 billion lack adequate   Your support sends out gospel   Let’s keep working together to
                                     housing. Clearly, if you have a roof  builders; the materials are not    build up His kingdom in 2018!
                                     over your head, you’re fortunate.  lumber and nails, but Bible studies,
                                       Jesus promised an eternal home   TV programs, books, evangelists,   Praising the Lord for your service,
                                     in paradise to every faithful    and DVDs. When you share the
                                     believer. He is preparing many   truth through Amazing Facts,
                                     dwellings, and He wants us to help   you are like a heavenly carpenter
                                     fill them with precious souls. There  working to expand God’s kingdom.
                                     is plenty of room for more! You   This 2017 Annual Report gives   Pastor Doug Batchelor
                                     will never see a “no vacancy” sign   you a bird’s-eye view of the    President, Amazing Facts
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