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Bible School

                                                               Online and Correspondence Lessons

                                                                                 This is how you built up God’s kingdom in 2017:

                                         My husband and I graduated from the
    Did you know?                         Amazing Facts Bible School. We were     35,190   searching hearts started
                                                                                           our correspondence and
                                          then led to a nearby Sabbath-keeping
                                           church and were baptized. Now we                online Bible School
                                         faithfully attend church each Sabbath.
    At the end of 2017, the               Our lives have been forever changed.             students graduated from the
                                              —Cameron, Pennsylvania               5,020   Bible School with a deeper walk
    Indonesian Amazing Facts                                                               with the Lord
    Center of Evangelism

    graduated their ninth                                                         140,887  lessons were graded by Bible
                                                                                           school staff and volunteers
    class of students. Now                 Jess is 80 years old and goes door to

    there are 17 more dynamic             door offering free Amazing Facts Bible           lessons were mailed
                                          Study Guides. For those who sign up,    271,811  around the world
    Bible workers spreading                he gives them a Cosmic Conflict or
    the gospel in the land of a           Final Events DVD. Jess shares, “I want
                                           lots of friends in heaven with me!”
    thousand temples!                                                              1,814   students requested

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