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Television and Radio

       “     I was involved in a cult for twenty years. Then   I watched Amazing Facts on TV and learned

            I turned to the Savior, but I still had doubts after
                                                   Caveman set me on fire for the Lord! After being
          leaving the cult. I stumbled across Amazing Facts on   “ about the Sabbath. Reading The Richest
           the radio, and it led me to reexamine my life. Your   baptized, I’ve been telling everyone how I came
           messages rekindled my relationship with God and   to the Lord through Amazing Facts. I want
                   strengthened my faith.               everyone to be as blessed as I was.
                                        ”                                       ”
                        —Michael                                  –Earl                         Did you know?

        Here is how you built up God’s kingdom in 2017:
                                                                                                Amazing Facts Presents
             53,002               196                  52               9,259                   started airing on Good

          searching souls called to   nations received the   Bible Answers Live radio   individuals enrolled    News TV India in July 2017.
          request more Bible truth   everlasting gospel through   programs were broadcast   in the Bible School
           after watching one of    Amazing Facts programs,   into homes and vehicles  after watching
             our programs    which means you helped                     Amazing Facts           And Amazing Facts’ 14
                              broadcast in just about                    broadcasts
                               every place possible!                                            Introductory Bible Study
                                                                                                Guides were recorded for
                                                                                                radio broadcast.
          With your support, our major broadcast partners—including Lifetime, Trinity Broadcasting Network,
        Inspiration, Daystar, Hope Channel, SafeTV, 3ABN, and Word Network—transmitted the three angels’
        messages into more than two billion homes around the world!                                      Television & Radio | 3
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